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Special Collections: Special Collections

In With the Old! What's "new" in Special Collections

Program cover, Conference on Atlantic City, Touris

Conference on Atlantic City, Tourism and Social Change Collection, May 1982

Selected papers from the May 1982 conference at Stockton. 

Black and white photograph of 4 men standing in front of cars and a building, Mississippi 1966.

James Cooper Papers, 1963-1966

James Cooper, an Atlantic City lawyer, went to Mississippi in 1966 to defend clients as part of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law. This collection contains his notes, photographs, and materials collected from his trip. 

Hand-drawn map of area near Weymouth, Atlantic Co., NJ, from about 1830s, showing roads, ponds, and some buildings.

Willits 1830s map of Estellville-Port Elizabeth

This hand-drawn map of the area near Weymouth Atlantic County, New Jersey, is from about 1830 and was done by Dr. Reuben Willits. The map was the gift of Cumberland County Historical Society. 

3 photograph contact sheets with many small images

Pinelands Folklife Photograph Collection

Hundreds of photographs from the early 1980s of Pinelands residents, events, and scenes are in this collection.