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Special Collections: Special Collections for Military History & Veterans

About this Bibliography

This guide is a bibliography of items and collections relating to Military History or wars located in Special Collections. To learn more about Special Collections or to request that materials be pulled in advance of your visit, please contact us

Revolutionary War

Civil War

World War II Resources in Special Collections

Vietnam War

Cold War

Iraqi War/Afghan War

Special Collections: Military and Veterans History

Coast Guard medallion

Coast Guard Medallion (Frank A. LoBiondo Papers, Stockton University Richard E. Bjork Library Special Collections)

Military challenge coins, medallions, and papers relating to Representative LoBiondo's service on military-related committees in the House of Representatives can be found in his papers in Special Collections.

handwritten pages on a dark background

34th New Jersey Regiment Civil War Collection

Letters from the collection include some from soldiers writing about battles and living conditions. 

Jersey Times (newspaper)

Bound newspapers published in Atlantic City. Volumes cover January 1941 - December 1943 and January 1946 - December 1946. Atlantic City was known as "Camp Boardwalk" during this time and soldiers underwent training, as well as recuperated after injuries in the resort town. The Army rented many of the hotels.

book covers

Two of the books from Special Collections relating to Military history.

Local Veterans Histories

General Histories

Air Force and Aviation

Coast Guard

Local Veterans History (outside of Stockton)

Guide Compiled By:

Danielle Russano, Special Collections Intern, Spring 2020.