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Help & Tutoring: Math & Writing Tutoring

The Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center is two centers in one: The Writing Center and the Math Center. Both centers are staffed largely by Stockton University undergraduate peer tutors.

Students can drop in any time during scheduled hours to receive help on their coursework. The Tutoring Center works as an extension of the classroom experiences, supporting the efforts of the University’s faculty. At the core of the Writing Center's mission is the improvement of student performance across Stockton’s curriculum.

While no appointments are required, students seeking help in a specific course should consult the tutoring schedule to ensure someone is working in that content area.

Math Center

The Math Center provides peer tutoring to all current Stockton students enrolled in mathematics and sciences courses.

The Math Center clientele is diverse, including students in Q1 courses from all the schools of the University. Most students usually do their homework in the Math Center, and if the student has a problem, a tutor will be able to help. Tutors are trained not to solve problems, but to help students find their own solutions.

Tutoring Center Image

Tutoring Center photo

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers tutoring in writing, critical reading, and study skills for current Stockton students.

They support the efforts of the Stockton’s W1 and W2 faculty. The core of their mission is to help students achieve success in the courses through strengthening the quality of their written work. They offer tutoring in all phases of the writing process: negotiating assignments, providing help with organization, and assisting with editing and proofreading.