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Technology: Connecting from Off-Campus

Connecting from Off-Campus

There are several ways to access restricted library materials remotely. You may be prompted for your Stockton credentials before reaching full-text. 

Troubleshooting Access Issues

Problem: After successful login, you get a "Permission denied" message

Online access to subscribed resources is available to current students, faculty, staff, and affiliated users. 

If you are a current Stockton user, please contact the ITS Help Desk. Your account provisioning will be checked. 

Problem: You follow an "Available Online" link, but no full-text is available when you get there

Please send email with the article link and the database you were searching to the library.

There are several reasons this can happen. A bad link may be able to be fixed quickly. If a subscription has expired you may need to request an interlibrary loan for the material. 

Problem: Links to full-text articles hang/spin when accessed from home

Troubleshoot basic tech issues:

Pop-Up Blockers: Is there an active pop-up blocker on your browser? The proxied link to the full-text article may be trying to open a pop-up, which is being blocked. There may be an X icon in the right corner of the browser's web address bar letting you know it’s blocking something. Allow pop-ups from Stockton and EZProxy addresses.

Possible solutions:

VDI Service: ITS recommends you try to connect to us using the VDI service. There are two VDI options – 1) an installed client; 2) a VDI app run within your browser. When you access the library site using a VDI connection, library resources should work.

**Technical Details**

We believe there can be firewall/router conflicts – or perhaps a web accelerator is being used on your system. If you use an accelerator, disable it and see if links begin working. 

This may need a fair bit of technical troubleshooting to resolve permanently. 

The description ‘proxy connection blocked – check firewall/router/accelerators’ may provide enough tips for someone to track the exact problem down. Unfortunately, it is not something we can fix from the library end. Contact the ITS Help Desk for more assistance.