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Databases: Linking to a Library Resource

How to share an electronic item, such as an article or video, found in a library database.

In order to share the link, we use a Proxy server which recognizes our Stockton users.The library is required by our vendors to restrict content to our Stockton University faculty, students, and staff, and it keeps us in compliance with copyright. The Proxy has to appear somewhere in the resource link. This is our Proxy:



Example of a permalink

Tips to help you recognize the permanent link:

  • The link may be just above or below the citation information

  • Look for DOI, Permanent link, Permalink, Stable, or Share 

  • The link may be inside another function, such as Save, Print, Export, Citation

  • Look for a link symbol  

  • The URL in the browser address bar may be session-based and can expire
    - look for one inside the database first.


Note: Stockton library’s proxy prefix enables Stockton patrons to access subscribed content. The proxy is not necessary for Open Access, or free, content.

Some vendors may not include the Ezproxy URL.

In those situations, you will need to manually insert the proxy URL in front of the resource URL or DOI (Digital Object Identifier). After creating the complete link, always test it to make sure it works.

URL example: 

Icke, Vincent. “Gravity Does Not Exist: A Puzzle for the 21st Century.”


DOI example:

  Mapstone, Pamela. “Sport-Related Concussion in Youth.”

  Insert in front of the DOI number if not there. Place Ezproxy at the beginning.


A vendor might give you the EZproxy URL in the middle.

When this happens you can use the URL as is. Do check first and make sure it works.

Proxy-in-the-middle example:



If you would like assistance with formatting library links, please contact your Subject librarian:


How to put a library link in Blackboard

Under Build Content, choose Web Link. In the URL field add the complete URL or DOI. Submit (save) your work. Test the link to make sure it works.

Questions about linking resources in Blackboard or how to use Blackboard, contact the Office of E-Learning at 609-626-3479 or visit: