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Faculty Services: Course Reserves


The library maintains Course and Permanent Reserves for print and media items. Because the library has already paid the copyright fee on periodicals in our databases, it is possible to add links to electronic articles from the library's databases to Blackboard courses.

The following types of materials may not be placed in either Course Reserve or Permanent Reserve:

  • Reference books
  • Interlibrary Loan books
  • Periodical issues or volumes from the library's collection
  • Material from the Special Collections department

Course Reserves

Instructors may place materials on Course Reserve for the semester that their course is offered. Materials will be removed at the end of the term.

The following types of materials may be placed on Course Reserve:

  • Books from the library's circulating collection
  • Personal copies of books, videos, or periodicals belonging to the instructor
  • Monographic titles from the library's government documents collection
  • Photocopies of journal or newspaper articles that meet the library's copyright policy
  • Computer software on CD (with copyright permission)
  • DVDs or music CDs

Permanent Reserves

Permanent Reserves are library materials that require both security and availability. The Library Director or Associate Library Director may designate items for Permanent Reserve, and faculty may recommend Permanent Reserve status for library items. Some media titles are placed on Permanent Reserve because faculty have asked that they always be available for classroom use.

Faculty are allowed to check out media items from Permanent Reserve for a 5-day loan period. Such borrowed items may not be renewed.

Students may use media items from Permanent Reserve for 4 hours within the library only.

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Place items on reserve (faculty only) 

Photocopying Rules for Course Reserves

Library staff will not make copies of any materials for Reserve.

Privately made video or audio copies of broadcast material will not be accepted for Course Reserve.

Photocopies of journal or newspaper articles, as well as book chapters, may be placed on Course Reserve. No more than one article per journal or one chapter per book may be copied.

No more than one copy per 15 students in the course can be placed on Reserve.

All photocopies contain the official warning of copyright as prescribed by law.

Photocopied material previously placed on Reserve by the same instructor for the same course must have the written permission of the copyright owner if the instructor wants to place the material on Reserve again.

All photocopies placed on Course Reserve will be removed at the end of the semester and returned to the instructor.

Creative works, such as a play or a novel, may not be photocopied in their entirety for Reserve. One or two poems or short stories from a collection, or one or two scenes from a play, may be photocopied and placed on Reserve (subject to the other restrictions in the library's photocopying policy).

The instructor is responsible for obtaining any needed copyright permissions.