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Conducting Research: Tutorials

Evaluating Resources

Not all information is created equal! Just because something exists in print or is available on the Internet doesn't guarantee that it is accurate or good research. When searching the Web, it's important to critically evaluate your search results.


Database tutorials can now be found on the A-Z Databases list. Each tutorial link is presented as an icon ( ) placed to the right of the database title. Please refer to our A-Z Databases page for a complete list of database tutorials that are available.

FlashFind & Searching

FlashFind is a research tool that provides consolidated searching across all library resources for articles, books, e-books, digital media, dissertations, institutional repository materials, and more.


Turnitin is an academic plagiarism detector which is utilized by instructors and to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity. Submitted work is compared against the world’s largest comparison database to check for originality. This service is integrated directly into Stockton’s Blackboard system.