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Conducting Research

Subject Guides

Subject Research Guides are developed by librarians who are liaisons to programs offered at Stockton.

The guides are one-stop shops that point students and researchers to resources in the Library and beyond. Finding aids and tools facilitate research and learning. Custom course guides may be developed upon faculty request.



Subject Guide Subject Librarian Schedule an Appointment
Accounting Liaison Librarians Appointment
Business Liaison Librarians Appointment
Computer Science and Information Systems Jeff Ge Appointment
Hospitality and Tourism Management Liaison Librarians Appointment
Legal Research Liaison Librarians Appointment
Communication Disorders David Lechner Appointment
General Studies David Lechner Appointment
Health Sciences  David Lechner Appointment
Holistic Health David Lechner Appointment
Nursing David Lechner Appointment
Occupational Therapy David Lechner Appointment
Physical Therapy David Lechner Appointment
Public Health
Includes Covid-19
David Lechner Appointment
Visual Arts Eric Jeitner Appointment
Communication Studies Eric Jeitner Appointment
Literature Eric Jeitner Appointment
Performing Arts
Includes Dance, Music and Theater
Eric Jeitner Appointment
Africana Studies Gus Stamatopoulos Appointment
Holocaust & Genocide Studies Gus Stamatopoulos Appointment
Jewish Studies Gus Stamatopoulos Appointment
Philosophy & Religion Gus Stamatopoulos Appointment
Women, Gender & Sexuality Gus Stamatopoulos Appointment
Geology Natalie Wadley Appointment
Mathematics Natalie Wadley Appointment
Includes Climate/Weather
Natalie Wadley Appointment
Criminal Justice Patricia Fazio Appointment
Economics and Economic Inequality Patricia Fazio Appointment
Political Science Patricia Fazio Appointment
American Studies Heather Perez Appointment
Historical Studies Heather Perez Appointment
Languages and Culture Studies
ASL, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, and Spanish
Heather Perez Appointment
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Heather Perez Appointment
Special Collections Heather Perez Appointment
University Archives Heather Perez Appointment
Government Documents Heather Perez Appointment
Gerontology Patricia Fazio Appointment
Psychology Patricia Fazio Appointment
Social Work Patricia Fazio Appointment
Sociology & Anthropology Heather Perez Appointment
Includes Scientific Literacy
Natalie Wadley Appointment
Includes Biochemistry
Natalie Wadley Appointment
Environmental Science and SustainabilityCoastal Zone Natalie Wadley Appointment
Marine ScienceCoastal Zone Natalie Wadley Appointment
Education Jeff Ge Appointment