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About the Collection

The library selects, acquires, catalogs and makes available print, electronic, microform and media resources in support of the academic programs and the general information needs of the Stockton community.

The collection contains

Current print periodical subscriptions 85
Bound periodical volumes 37,015
Print and electronic full-text periodicals 103,144
Print books 188,875
E-books 288,414
Government documents, print 270,000
Government documents, microforms 50,000
Media 10,248
Microforms 712,200
Bound index and abstract volumes 8,678
Electronic databases 180


The library is a repository for federal, state (New Jersey), and Pinelands Commission documents. It also houses various Special Collections.

Suggest an Item for the Collection

Students & Faculty: Please contact the subject librarian for your program to request new materials for the collection.

Staff & Other Stockton Community: Please use the Ask Us! email form to request new materials for the collection.



The library welcomes unrestricted gifts. It is determined on a case-by-case basis whether donations meet the collection criteria and enhance the research and pedagogical value of the collection. The library retains the right to dispose of donated materials. Donors must understand and agree to all conditions of the donation in writing.

Collection Development

The library develops collections at a level appropriate to the degree programs offered. Acquisition decisions are made on an item-by-item basis. Because the university is committed to providing a liberal arts education, the library provides a representative selection of the major works in all appropriate areas of knowledge.

The principal formats collected by the library are:

  • Monographs
  • Serials
  • Microforms
  • Electronic resources
  • Video and sound recordings
  • Pamphlets, articles, letters, etc.
  • Maps

Subject librarians work with Stockton faculty to select materials for the collection. Stockton's faculty members are encouraged to consult with their program's Subject Librarian to acquire new material in their area of interest.