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Video: Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus includes streaming access to over 1,000 of the most popular films on the Swank platform including feature films and documentaries. Selections include films from major studios, independent, foreign, and art producers.

How to watch films on Swank

Browse Swank Digital Campus for films, watch individually on a computer or mobile device.

Locate a film in FlashFind, use the Available Online link to launch the film. 

 Access Swank films embedded in your Blackboard courses.

How to Tips

Link to videos in Swank

View on Mobile Devices

Faculty Use of Swank

Films may be shown in class or assigned to enrolled students to view outside of class. The films do not have public performance rights. 

Faculty can create an instructor account in Swank. This allows faculty to request films on the platform that are not currently part of the Stockton collection.

Requests for films will be reviewed for possible addition to the Stockton collection if the film can be justified for academic use and the library budget allows.


Accessibility Information

  • Screen Reader Compatibility
  • Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Captioning & Subtitles
  • VPAT