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Special Collections: Special Collections for WGSS (Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies)

About WGSS

The Stockton University WGSS program encourages students to engage and explore intersectional feminist theory. Its goals are to facilitate a progressive discussion around the social and systemic issues present in our society while recognizing the achievements of those who have been overlooked throughout history.

This page reflects the WGSS program ideology as it attempts to create a comprehensive guide of notable New Jersey women cataloged within Stockton University's Special Collections. 

Women's Movement and Leadership

A History of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs

            This book recounts the establishment and achievements of New Jersey women’s clubs between 1894-1958. Notable women are listed and credited for their involvement and contributions to their clubs.

Pioneer Women of Historic Haddonfield

            This book catalogs a historic timeline of Haddonfield’s evolution and the women behind these changes. Offering historical information, and original plays, this book illustrates a glimpse into the inception and development of this New Jersey town. 

The Stockton Story: A History of the Founding of Richard Stockton State College

            Elizabeth B. Alton recounts the necessary steps and procedures it took to establish Stockton University as a recognized institution of higher education. Through the trials and accomplishments, she catalogs the history and evolution of, the then, Richard Stockton State College.

Women’s Place in New Jersey History

            Beginning with an account of the Lenape women and ranging until the post-WWII era, this book offers access to a brief history and timeline of New Jersey through the accomplishments of women in each generation.  



Fortunes of War: New Jersey Women and the American Revolution

            A part of a bicentennial pamphlet series, this work depicts the experiences of New Jersey women during the Revolutionary war. Revealing their opinions, values, and encounters with sexual assault due to military conflict, this work offers an illustration of lower- and middle-class women in the 18thcentury.  


            These publications offer the poetry, art, and photography of select Stockton students. From sexuality to empowerment, this journal extended the voices of women writers to their community.  

Spirit of '48

            Published by the Stockton State College Women's Union in the 1970s, the publication takes its name from the July 1848 women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. Topics include voting and politics, history of women's rights, women in the sciences, poetry, sexuality, contraception, and empowerment. 

We Women

            From central news to creative works, this journal published articles in hopes of providing relatable, accessible, and relevant news to New Jersey women. These select periodicals offer a glimpse into the lives and values of women from this generation. 

Women’s Coalition Press Newsletter Collection, 1977-1983

        Featuring publications from the Women’s Coalition Press between the years 1976 -1983, this collection houses articles pertaining to the lives, health, and politics of New Jersey women. Cultural anxieties and ambitions are emphasized through topics pertaining to sexual assault, domestic abuse, abortion, and LGBT advocacy. 

Women's Collections in Stockton Special Collections


Elizabeth Alton Papers 1926-1992

            This collection illustrates the life and accomplishments of Elizabeth B. Alton. From personal papers to the foundation of Stockton University, this vast collection offers insight into the life of a woman in higher academia during the 20thcentury. 

Letters Written by Poet Emma Van Sant Moore, a Gift of Budd Wilson

            Showcasing the later life of Emma Van Sant Moore between the years of 1945-1950, these letters illustrate her publishing achievements, personal accounts, and gradual depleting health. These letters highlight the life of a 20thcentury woman writer as they offer an intimate glimpse into her last years. 

Marilyn Schmidt Papers

            Featuring the notes and drafts of New Jersey historian and home cook Marilyn Schmidt, this collection houses the life and work of Schmidt through her personal papers and recipes.

Vera King Farris Presidential Records

            This collection contains the official records of Vera King Farris regarding Stockton University before, during, and after her presidential term. This extensive and detailed collection showcases events, academic affairs, and achievements of Stockton University throughout the years. 

Creative Works

A Book of Verses by New Jersey Club Women

            Published by women for women, this collection features over 130 submissions from lesser-known New Jersey women poets and highlights the concerns and values of a 1920’s woman. 

The New Jersey Scrap Book of Women Writers 

          This book features a collection of New Jersey women writers. From poetry to short stories, this extensive assembly offers a glimpse into the literary achievements of 19th-century women.


Constitution of New Jersey Women Suffrage Association

            Drawn in 1898 this constitution outlines nine articles the New Jersey Suffrage Association should abide by for a successful, recognized, and equal organization 

History of New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs

            This work recounts the history of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs; beginning with its origins and continuing forth into the 1920s. These pages highlight the development and evolution of the Federation.

History of the First Thirty-five years of the Science Costume Movement in the United States of America

            Mary Ella Tillotson’s book chronicles her experiences with women’s fashion and her strides to discuss and recreate fashion that is healthy, functional, and mobile. This book recounts the first thirty-five years in the movement from 1816-1851.

The Business of Being a Club Woman

            Catharine Carter Warren, president of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs gives an address on the history of women’s clubs and calls women to join their local clubs; outlining what steps or motions they must take to better establish their federation.

Women Suffrage in New Jersey

            Lucy Stone gives an address to the New Jersey Legislature in 1867, calling for the right to vote for women and black citizens. Stone utilizes the Declaration and Constitution to establish reason through eloquence and persuasion.


Her Story: Tribute to Dr. Vera King Farris

            Compiled of several videos that exemplify the achievements of Vera King Farris while president, this collection showcases her accomplishments in constructing the foundation of Stockton University. 

Interview with a Homosexual

            This interview introduces a woman whom identifies as a lesbian and activist of New Jersey’s LGBT community in the 1970s. Through various questions, she attempts to destabilize stereotypes while creating an appropriate dialogue and truthful depiction of her and her community.

Women's Issues

            Republican senator, Diane Allen, discusses her journey as a news broadcaster and New Jersey politician. Allen addresses her position on various political issues regarding women and New Jersey laws. 

Guide Created By:

Mikaila Strano, Special Collections Intern, Spring 2020