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Using the Library: ADA-Compliant Library Databases

ADA Compliant Databases

A number of databases provide technologies, such as internal screen readers and translation software, to improve access for all users:


All HTML full-text articles in EBSCOhost databases have a text-to-speech option and an option to download the audio file as an MP3. However, many articles are not available in HTML. EBSCOhost PDFs after 2004 are ADA compliant and may be read with Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat's read aloud feature.

Films on Demand

All films in the collection contain captioning and interactive transcripts


Click on the Listen button to have HTML full-text documents in Gale databases read aloud. Articles may also be downloaded as an audio file in MP3. Not all Gale PDFs are ADA compliant.


JSTOR's image based PDFs have been automatically tagged so that they can be read with screen readers like JAWS. Where tagging is not sufficient, manual tagging can be requested for a limited number of articles. See the JSTOR accessibility policy for details.


Many ProQuest documents are ADA compliant; however, older PDFs (identified as 'Scanned image PDFs') are not accessible to screen readers.