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Using the Library: Overdue Materials

Overdue Materials

Books Alumni
Community Borrowers
$0.25 per book per day; maximum of $7.00 per book
Overdue materials held for 4 weeks or more will result in a 1-year suspension of alumni/community borrowing privileges.
Community borrowers incur an additional $5.00 fee to restore lost privileges.
Media Materials Alumni $1.00 per media item per day
Reserves Students $0.50 per hour (2-hour or 4-hour items)
$1.00 per day (24-hour or 3-day items)
Maximum of $7.00 per item
Recalls Students $5.00, if a recalled item is not returned within 5 days.


Late Notifications: The library notifies patrons via email regarding overdue items and account holds.

Grace Period: A 3-day grace period applies for library fines.

Billed Fines: Students billed for overdue fines may not borrow more items until the overdue items are returned or renewed.

Payments: Cash or Check only, payable at the library circulation desk.

Claims Returned

If the library system shows an item as checked-out or overdue that a borrower believes they returned, the borrower should notify the library immediately.

The borrower is expected to search their possessions for the item, while the library conducts an internal search for the item. The library searches each month for a six month period or until an applicable graduation date.

If the item isn't found by the end of the search period, the library will bill the borrower the Lost/Damaged Item Charge.