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Open Educational Resources: Stockton Z & Z1 Courses

The Z Attribute

The "Z" attribute is assigned to courses that have no associated costs for textbooks, supplies, course materials, etc., beyond tuition and fees.  Like other attributes, it is searchable from the Banner course registration platform.

Z Attribute Application

Image explaining Z Courses have zero cost for books or supplies

The Z1 Attribute

The "Z1" attribute is assigned to courses that require only low cost textbooks, supplies, course materials, etc. that add up to no more than $50. Like other attributes, it is searchable from the Banner course registration platform.

Z1 Attribute Application

Image explaining that Z1 courses require less than $50 in textbook and supplies costs

Z Course Directory

For detailed information on any of the courses listed here, please consult the university's catalog of courses.

Course # Course Name Instructor(s)
AFRI 3162 African American Leadership & Community Development Sweet
AMST 5033  Conservation Biology Perez
BIOL 4600 Biology Seminar Lewis
COMM 1201 Introduction to Mass Communication Rosenthal
COMM 4402 Reporting and Interviewing D'Amico
CRIM 2114 Criminological Theories Hadi
CSIS 1206 Statistics Romano
ECON 3636 Political Economy Vijaya
ENVL 2400 Statistical Analysis of Ecological Systems Olson
ENVL 3310 / 3316 Environmental Planning & Policy + Service Learning Lab Moscovici
ENVL 4300 / 4305 Environmental Issues + Lab Moscovici
FRST 1002 Critical Thinking Cross
FRST 1103 Quantitative Reasoning Ryan
FRST 2131 Argument & Persuasion in the Arts & Humanities Conover
GAH 1044 Women in the Bible Fiedler
GAH 2116 Argument & Persuasion in the Arts & Humanities Conover
GAH 2131 Rhythm & the Blues Polsinelli
GAH 2180 Introduction to Digital Writing Isabella
GAH 2239 The Old Testament & Film Fiedler
GAH 2304 Jewish Stories & Storytelling Fiedler
GAH 2380 Great Women in History Choudhury
GAH 2402 Introduction to Deaf Studies Novic
GAH 3239 The Great Composers Aaronson
GAH 4307 Lyric Writing for Stage and Song Reiser
GEN 1018 Role-Playing Games Jeitner
GEN 1266 Health in the Information Age Gu
GEN 1278 Social Emotional Learning Romano
GEN 2240 Introduction to Research Ronda
GEN 3166 Data Visualization & Decision Making Jafarijoo
GIS 3630 Finding Joseph Kirzner
GIS 4619 Writing Senior Seminar Isabella
GIS 4685 Currency & Technology Nguyen
GIS 4693 Adulting King
GNM 1056 Environmental Citizenship Jauregui
GNM 1100 Introduction to Physical Science Sharon
GNM 1123 Fisheries in Crisis Sullivan
GNM 2132 Underwater Science and Technology Nagiewicz
GNM 2138 Scientific Inquiry Baker
GNM 2140 Poisonous & Venomous Animals Spanier
GNM 2157 Environmental & Film Moscovici
GNM 2212 Biotechnology Rodrigo-Peiris
GNM 2225 General Astronomy Trout
GNM 2237 Animal Behavior Wnek
GNM 2275 Understanding the Impacts of Shipwrecks on Maritime Heritage Nagiewicz
GNM 2346 Mathematics of Money Ryan
GNM 2361 Automobiles Sharobeam
GNM 2386 Game Theory: A Bayesian Understanding Pemberton
GSS 2150 Writing for the Workplace Naber
GSS 2329 Understanding "Bad" Girls Hadi
GSS 2403 Diversity & Aging Dunkle
GSS 2644 Contemporary American Education Grites
GSS 3128 The Business of Piracy Goodnight
GSS 3615 Place Matters Kirzner
GSS 3618 Sports, Media, & Gender Strelczyk
INTC 5001 Technology & Learning Ackerman
LANG 3230 Advanced French Olson
LITT 2104 American Literature I Gussman
LITT 2412 English Language & Grammar Kinsella
LITT 3270 Craft & Theory King
MARS 1300 Introduction to Oceanography Pfeiffer-Herbert
MARS 3307 Fisheries Science & Management Sullivan
MARS 3420 Biological Oceanography Thompson
MGMT 2110 Introduction to Management Coopersmith
MGMT 2110 Introduction to Management Goodnight
MGMT 3124 Organizational Behavior Goodnight
MKTG 3675 / SUST 3675 Sustainability Marketing Onel
PLAW 3110 The Legal, Social, and Ethical Environment of Business Wolf
PHYS 2110 Physics for Life Sciences I Sharobeam
PHYS 2120 Physics for Life Sciences II Sharobeam
PHYS 2220 Physics I Trout
PHYS 2230 Physics II Trout
PHYS 2235 Physics II Laboratory Aaronson
PSYC 2211 Psychopathology Ferri
PSYC 2241 Statistical Methods Ferri
PSYC 2241 Statistical Methods Lyke
PSYC 2241 Statistical Methods Spinella
PSYC 3242 Experimental Psychology Yang
PSYC 3323 Developmental Psychology Wilson
PSYC 3652 Buddhist Psychology Spinella
PSYC 3900 Field Placement in Psychology Lyke
SOCY 110 Introduction to Sociology Brown
SOCY 1105 Introduction to Social Problems LaPointe
SUST 3325 The Global Environment, Health, & Justice Jauregui
SUST 4900 Sustainability Internship Jauregui