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David Lechner

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David Lechner
David Lechner, MLS
Assistant Professor in the Library
Richard E. Bjork Library
Office: E-117d
Phone: 609-652-4324
Fax: 609-652-4964


Last update: Sep 22, 2021 322 views
General Studies
Last update: Oct 8, 2021 42 views
Health Sciences
Last update: Sep 7, 2021 728 views
Holistic Health
Last update: Oct 29, 2021 41 views
Last update: Sep 22, 2021 495 views
Occupational Therapy
Last update: Sep 7, 2021 100 views
Physical Therapy
Last update: Sep 9, 2021 440 views
Public Health
Last update: Nov 18, 2021 281 views