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Open Educational Resources

PLEASE NOTE: The content of this page is currently being revised. Changes may occur frequently.

Roster of Courses

This roster represents those courses at Stockton that utilize free open educational resources (OERs) or other zero-cost course materials.

For detailed information on any of the courses listed here, please consult the university's catalog of courses.

Z-Courses: Zero Cost OER Courses

Course materials are free OERs or are compiled from public web or library resources. Course materials cost $0. 

Course # Course Name Instructor(s)
BIOL 3504 Conservation Biology Hernandez
ECON 1200 Introduction to Macroeconomics Elmore
ECON 2282 / GERO 2282 Economics for All Ages Elmore
GAH 1044 Women in the Bible Fiedler
GAH 2239 The Old Testament & Film Fiedler
GAH 2304 Jewish Stories & Storytelling Fiedler
GEN 1018 Role-Playing Games Jeitner
GIS 3630 Finding Joseph Kirzner
GNM 1100 Introduction to Physical Science Sharon
GNM 2225 General Astronomy Trout
GNM 2560 The Coastal Ocean Pfeiffer-Herbert; Khan
GSS 1236 Go Global Zappile
GSS 3128 The Business of Piracy Goodnight
GSS 3615 Place Matters Kirzner
LITT 2412 English Language & Grammar Kinsella
MARS 2600 Marine Science Seminar Lacey
MARS 3309 Coastal Oceanography Pfeiffer-Herbert
MARS 3335 Marine Botany Lacey
MATH 4431 Real Analysis Tolosa
PHIL 1101 Introduction to Philosophy Jackson
PHYS 2110 Physics for the Life Sciences I Trout
PHYS 2120 Physics for the Life Sciences II Trout
PHYS 2220 Physics I Trout
PHYS 2230 Physics II Trout