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Instruction: Classes & Workshops

Library Instruction Sessions

The Richard E. Bjork Library provides sessions that address the teaching and research needs of each of each University program, enhance information literacy in the student body, and orient users to library resources and how to use them effectively. Faculty are invited to contact the Subject Librarian for your program to discuss scheduling an instruction session for your class.

Freshman Seminars

These sessions are designed to orient students to the library and its resources, as well as demonstrate database and catalog usage. Also, the sessions can include a self-paced, Blackboard-based assignment that introduces students to various library tools and aspects of research. The results to these can be integrated into course grades, if desired. Grade incentives generally improve learning outcomes.

Research or Discipline-Specific Course

Subject Librarians work with faculty to tailor sessions to the curricular needs of each course. Typically, the sessions are planned around course assignments and are meant to provide students with practical, hand-on experience with the skills intended for development in each course.

Senior or Other Seminars

Subject Librarians can meet with students individually to advise on research strategies and resources useful in completing their projects.

For all sessions, please note:

  • Instruction sessions are available for both day and evening classes.
  • Faculty attendance at these sessions is requested and strongly advised. Faculty expertise is invaluable in enhancing the relevance and impact of the class.
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