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Databases: Overview


A database is a collection of published materials (e.g., journals, newspapers, books, works of art) that may be searched or browsed online. The Library provides access to a wide range of databases to students, faculty and staff. On-campus access doesn't require authentication; however, off-campus users must sign into GoStockton or enter a GoStockton username and password when prompted for access. Authenticated users only need to log in once per browser session.

The databases vary in content, and a database name often indicates what is offered. Some of the databases provide access to full-text content, others provide abstracts and/or indexes and some offer combinations of the three. Full-text content is the published work in its entirety. An abstract is a brief summary. An index helps users find information.

Generally, it's helpful to search a particular database by name once you're familiar with resources available in a particular area of study. If you have research-related questions, contact the Library Liaison for your program.