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About the Library: Library Directory

Library Departments

Public Services
Manages circulation, reference, instruction, and interlibrary loan services.

Technical Services
Oversees cataloging, electronic resources, periodicals, special collections, and archives. 

Library Systems
Manages and maintains the library's computers, wireless networking, and information systems.

Administrative Services
Oversees daily library building operations and the hiring of work-study students.

Library Staff

Name Position Department Office Contact
Barnabei, Nicole Principal Library Assistant Cataloging E-108 609-626-4960
Bucikowski, Susan Technical Library Assistant Interlibrary Loan Services E-108 609-652-4350
Chang-FitzGibbon, Kerry Periodicals Librarian / Associate Professor in the Library Periodicals E-108A 609-652-4652
Comer, Charla Technical Library Assistant Acquisitions E-108 609-652-4348
Demosthenes, Shekhania Library Assistant Circulation Circulation Desk 609-652-4346
DiSciascio, Lisa Senior Library Assistant Interlibrary Loan Services E-108 609-652-4350
Fazio, Patricia Electronic Resources Coordinator Electronic Resources E-117B 609-652-4673
Fieros, Ron Principal Library Assistant Circulation E-209 609-652-4499
Gazsi, Patti Technical Assistant 3 Administrative Services E-114C 609-652-4344
Ge, Rui (Jeff) Discovery/Web Services Librarian III / Instructor in the Library Library Systems E-107A 609-652-4963
Goodnight, Christy Outreach Librarian / Assistant Professor in the Library Education & Reference E-117F 609-652-5502
Govia, Gwen Supervisor, Access Services Circulation E-104B 609-652-4229
Jacuk, Patrice Library Assistant Information Services E-Wing 609-652-4266
Jeitner, Eric User Experience Librarian / Assistant Professor in the Library Education & Reference E-117E 609-652-4275
Lechner, David Distance Education Librarian / Assistant Professor in the Library Education & Reference E-117D 609-652-4324
Lombardo, Jaimelyn Technical Library Assistant Periodicals E-104 609-652-4347
Mettrock, Donna Senior Library Assistant Circulation E-104 609-652-4346
Perez, Heather Special Collections Librarian / Instructor in the Library Special Collections & Archives E-055 609-652-4555
Picorale, Emma Assistant Supervisor 4 Administrative Services E-114D 609-652-4352
Stamatopoulos, Gus Associate Director, Technical Services Technical Services E-108C 609-652-4289
Tillstrom, Louise Principal Library Assistant Special Collections & Archives E-104 609-652-4532
Toth, Joseph Director of Library Services Administrative Services E-114B 609-652-4895
Wadley, Natalie Library Systems Coordinator Library Systems E-117C 609-652-4734
Wang, Jianrong Assistant Director / Professor in the Library Cataloging E-108B 609-652-4571
Barron, Susan Principal Library Assistant Cataloging E-108 609-652-4962