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Special Collections: Federal Depository

Federal Depository Library Program

About the Federal Depository Collection

Stockton received its selected federal depository status in 1972. The primary clientele of the federal depository are the residents of the New Jersey's 2nd Congressional district, and the students, faculty and staff of Stockton. The Library selects all titles from the "Basic Collection" listed in the Guidelines for the Depository Library System. In the future, the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) plans to provide access to its publications through electronic format only.

Information for Visitors

All Depository materials are available to members of the general public at no charge. Copying charges are the same as those charged Stockton users. Computer workstations provide access to the Internet and are available to the general public at no charge.

Library assistance is available to the general public. Users of the Depository may receive assistance in identifying documents not held by Stockton and referral to their local library's interlibrary loan service to obtain needed materials.

SuDoc Classification

Depository items are arranged by their Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) call number, in which publications are grouped together by their issuing agency. For example the U.S. Industrial Outlook has the SuDoc number:

C 61. 34: 994

(issuing agency)

International Trade
(subordinate bureau
within agency)

the title

Year of

Note that the 'dot' in a SuDoc number is a period, not a decimal. For example, "C 61.34:" is shelved after "C 61.7:"


These subscription resources are available to the public free of charge at the Richard E. Bjork Library with a guest computer log-in. They are also available offsite to users who have a valid GoStockton credentials.

US Census Records

Congressional Serial Set